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Detailed list of the oral contributions:

1   (1) Scheiber, I: Effects of heavy metals on stress coping abilities and social support in barnacle geese (Branta leucopsis)
1   (2) Sommer-Trembo, C.: Boldness influences strategic male mate choice
1   (3) Romero-Mujalli, D.: The adaptive value of social learning
1   (4) Gygax, L.: Cognitive judgement bias reflected in frontal brain activation in sheep?
1   (5) Kotrschal, K.: Did cooperative orientation towards humans change in dogs as compared to wolves?
1   (6) Liedtke, J.: Early environmental conditions shape personality differences in a jumping spider
2   (7) Scherer, U.: Effects of female choice on female fitness - A combined behavioral/molecular genetic study on Poecilia latipinna
2   (8) Naguib, M.: Effects of conditions during adolescence on male song learning and female preferences in zebra finches
2   (9) Sima, M. J.: The Corvid cognition battery - Cognitive development in Ravens (Corvus corax)
2   (10) Bölting, S.: Adolescent social experience influences adult courtship and aggression - tracking developmental mechanisms
2   (11) Springer, A.: Environmental versus social transmission: How Escherichia coli spreads through a lemur population
2   (12) Guenther, A.: Within-litter differences in personality and physiology relate to size differences among siblings in cavies
3   (13) Zimmer, C.: Through the eyes of a cave fish: Reduction of anti-predator behaviour in the cave molly (Poecilia mexicana)
3   (14) Langen, E.: Linking social environment, endocrinology and behaviour across generations
3   (15) Jarrige, A.: Strategic sperm allocation in response to perceived sperm competition risk in the lekking lesser wax moth Achroia grisella
3   (16) Brucks, D.: Task context influences dogs' reaction to inequity
3   (17) Brumm, H.: How vocal plasticity in birds facilitates communication in fluctuating environments
3   (18) Ruch, J.: Effect of group composition on hunting and communal feeding in a subsocial spider
4   (19) Tiedtke, T.: Stability and change: Cortisol stress responsiveness over the life time
4   (20) Vole, C.: New evidence for kairomone-guided food search in common mole-rats (Cryptomys hottentotus) from the field
4   (21) Cory, A.-L.: Geographical differences in the use of male mating tactics in a sexually cannibalistic spider
4   (22) Schweinfurth, M. K.: The transfer of alternative tasks in reciprocal cooperation
5   (23) Begall, S.: How to trigger mating behaviour of Zambian Fukomys anselli mole-rats?
5   (24) Mouginot, P.: External female genital mutilation
5   (25) Snijders, L.: Social and communication networks in territorial great tits
5   (26) Szipl, G.: Higher fundamental frequency in defensive calls triggers responses in free-ranging ravens
5   (27) Mumm, C.: Vocal complexity in giant otters (Pteronura brasiliensis)
5   (28) Folkertsma, R.: Personality and female behaviour under risk of infanticide in the bank vole (Myodes glareolus)
6   (29) Slipogor, V.: Social personality traits and salivary cortisol in common marmosets
6   (30) Zöttl, M.: Division of labor in Damaraland mole-rats
6   (31) Morhart, M.: Parturition and postnatal care in a eusocial rodent, the naked mole-rat (Heterocephalus glaber)
6   (32) Frommen, J.: Habitat and predation explain population divergence in cooperatively breeding cichlids
6   (33) Chaumette, M.: Altruism is affected by familiarity in pet dogs
6   (34) Kleinhappel, T.: Free amino acids can mediate social interactions in fish
7   (35) Tuni, C.: Evidence for loss of nepotism in the evolution of permanent sociality
7   (36) Sprau, P.: Green cities: Vegetation structure can increase reproductive success in urban great tits
7   (37) Villavicencio, C.: Mating, but not aggressive behavior or parental care correlates with testosterone in a socially monogamous territorial songbird
7   (38) Kurvers, R.: Collective cognition in human crowds. Decision making under uncertainty
8   (39) Knörnschild, M.: Male song facilitates the natal dispersal of females in a polygynous bat
8   (40) Krause, E. T.: Early conditions and mismatched adult environments: evidence for a silver spoon effect but no thrifty phenotype in zebra finches
8   (41) Weidenmüller, A.: Inter-individual variability and collective thermoregulation in bumblebee colonies
8   (42) Vullioud, P.: Are stressed helpers better workers? Relationship between Glucocorticoids and individual work rate in subordinate female Damaraland mole-rat (Fukomys damarensis)